Our Story


Why did we create the MBODY360 Wellness Store?

Supplements are an important part of many lifestyle health programs — augmenting diet, exercise, meditation and other healthy habits — helping people stay healthier , feel better and achieve their health goals. 

But there are literally tens of thousands of supplement brands. And each brand has different names, formulations, potencies and widely different quality and manufacturing standards. Confusion among practitioners and their clients alike is widespread.

As a consumer, how do you know which supplements to purchase and whether they are safe, effective and high quality?  

As a health practitioner, how can you easily recommend products and ensure your clients are purchasing the right ones?

We created the MBODY360 Wellness Store to solve these problems. We curated a store of high-quality, science-backed, clinical-grade supplements that adhere to high standards for ingredients and manufacturing.

The MBODY360 Wellness Store is a practice game-changer for practitioners. Used together with MBODY360, we believe the MBODY360 Wellness Store is a major gamechanger for coaches, trainers and other health and wellness professionals.

It combines the most powerful client engagement and coaching platform for practitioners with a turnkey mobile ecommerce solution that can generate significant new and incremental revenue for your practice. 

Making MBODY360 even more powerful for practitioners. We've seamlessly integrated the MBODY360 Wellness Store with MBODY360 so that practitioners can easily recommend specific supplements as part of a lifestyle program.

Easier for clients and patients. Clients and patients can purchase the right supplements directly via the MBODY360 app - or shop for products in the MBODY360 Wellness store - and have them delivered to their doorstep!

We hope that you will take advantage of the MBODY360 Wellness Store — sharing health with your clients and patients -- and building a strong, successful practice that can grow!

— Kari & Ed